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 April 24th, 13:00 - 18:00


Who wants to live forever?



Death & Afterlife






Class 1: Establishing perspective: The afterlife (Pierre-Louis Suchel)

13:00h- 14:30h


·       The bosom of Abraham

·       The evolutive concept of resurrection

·       The paradox of biblical judgement




Class 2: Embracing reality: Facing the death of relatives (Micha & Dani Brück)



·       Embracing reality: Facing death in our families

·       Embracing grief: Allowing yourself and others to grieve – the different phases of grief 

·       Embracing unanswered and unanswerable questions




Class 3: Facing mortality:   what are the prospects? (Brad King)



·      The human condition: facing our mortality and the myths that sustain us

·      Freedom and meaning

·      The power of Jesus indestructible life

·      Just what is heaven and eternal life, and will I enjoy it?




Book recommendations:

·       Atul Gawande: Being Mortal – excellent treatment of handling the realities of dying

·       Hans Küng : Eternal Life? – comparison of world religion's views on life after death (exists in German, French and English)

·       N.T Wright Surprised by Hope

·       N.T. Wright: The resurrection of the son of God

·       Douglas Jacoby: What's the Truth about Heaven and Hell?

·       F. Lagard Smith: After life

·       Alfred Kuen: Le Labyrinth du Millénium (only in French for people interested in understanding millennialism)