European Bible School Spring Session

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Wrestling with war and politics as Christians





“They are not of the world, even as I am not of it.” John 17:16


Throughout history Christians have grappled with Jesus’ words and how Christians should respond to war and politics. The war on Europe’s eastern border, the war between Israel and Gaza, and divisive politics have given new urgency to reflection, discussion and action.

Pacifism; military service; the government’s role; practical dimensions of the functioning of religious communities in times of war, both historically and today; generational impact – these are some of the topics that will be examined at the spring EBS session in Prague.


Speakers: Andy Fleming, Ed Anton, Stephan Kallus, Brad King, Sacha & Maya Teliatnykov, Micha Brück and others



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WhenFriday dinner 17 May 2024 through Monday lunch 20 May 2024 (Pentecost weekend)



Local/Conference only: 60 €

Conference with full room and board*: 240 €

Conference with lunch and dinner meals*: 125 €

ESOM students with 100 € aid from ESOM: 140 €


  • Full room and board will be either in Hotel Floret or the Pension Coloseum. Rooms are for 2 and 3 people. We will try to accommodate roommate requests, but we cannot guarantee either the number of people in a room or being with requested roommates.
  • If you wish to have guaranteed conditions such as a single or double room and certain roommates, please consider staying off site and registering for the Conference and meal price of 125 €.


Nearby lodging suggestions: Park Hotel Pruhonice, Pension Pod Zamkem, Babiccina Zahrada Penzion & Restaurant, Aquapalace Hotel Praha.


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For extra night(s) either before or after EBS, please contact Hotel Floret directly to reserve and pay:

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Downloads (EBS Nov 2023)

”Revelation and Apocalyptic scripture”


"The literary genre of apocalyptic texts" Pierre-Louis Suchel




"The book of revelation I" Gordon Ferguson


"The book of revelation II" Gordon Ferguson


"The book of revelation II" Gordon Ferguson












Prague Nov 2022: "Devoted to fellowship"


Here are the first video files:


1. “Building blocks of fellowship: brokenness & mercy"     pdf

2. “Building blocks of fellowship: holiness & repentence”   pdf

3. “Bear with one another”

4. "Love one another"   pdf

5. "Building blocks of fellowship: conflict resolution and reconciliation I"   pdf

6. "Be humble with one another"   pdf

7. "What is the Lords Supper all about?"  pdf   notes

8. "How can the Lords Supper build fellowship?"   pdf  notes

9. "Building up one another"  pdf

10. "Individualism and fellowship"   pdf

11. "Practical aspects of fellowship"

12. "Church discipline"   pdf

13. "Citizens of the kingdom, not of this world"