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Guy Hammond & Strength in Weakness 
is coming ONLINE on Nov 28th to the 
European Bible School
Read What People Are Saying . . .
"I've had the privilege of watching Guy Hammond teach several times. Get ready for vulnerable, blunt, insightful teaching coupled wth humour and fun. He is a courageous soul. I would have him come back to teach my church in a heartbeat!"
Mike Taliaferro
San Antonio, Texas, USA
“I appreciate the work that Guy Hammond is pioneering. He and his team are providing an avenue by which people who have often felt ostracized by the church may be understood. Guy's classes opens Christians' eyes to the needs of people within our congregations who struggle in this area.
Steve Kinnard
New York City, USA
Through over 40 plus years in the ministry, I have been asked to write endorsements for many people. I'm not sure I have ever written any about which I felt more strongly than I do this one. Guy Hammond and his ministry has my supportmy endorsement and my commendation.
Gordon Ferguson
Dallas, Texas, USA
Meet Our Teachers
Guy Hammond
Founder & Executive Director of Strength in Weakness
Guy is a same-sex attracted Canadian Evangelist. He has been married for 30 years and has four children. He has authored 5 books and a movie about his life called FINDING GUY was released in early 2020.
Stephen & Deb Bowen 
Tallahassee, FL, USA
Parent & Family Ministry
The Bowens have raised three children; two of whom are gay. Learn from this couple as they share from both the victories 
and mistakes experienced as they maneuvered their way through these rocky waters. They have taught thousands of parents around the world on how to talk to your children about sexual ethics. 
Morgan Roberts
San Diego, CA, USA
College & Young Professionals
Morgan pursued a basketball career with a full scholarship at college where she contributed to record breaking seasons. It was during this time that she left her lesbian life to became a Christian. Today she is married and has two children and co-leads the College & Young Professionals Ministry for SIW Ministries.
Sean Cutting
Los Angeles, CA, USA
College & Young Professionals
Sean lives in LA and co-leads the SIW College & Young Professionals Ministry. He is a student at California State University receiving his Masters of Science in Counseling and Rehabilitation Counseling. Sean grew up in the church and is same-sex attracted.
Ellen Radcliff
Jacksonville, NC, USA
Women's Ministry
Ellen Radcliff is a faithful Christian woman, wife and mother. Ellen is also same-sex attracted. She teaches on 
female same-sex attraction and transgender issues. Ellen is a licensed professional counselor and leads the Women's Ministry for SIW Ministries. 
The Schedule
European Bible School
November 28th
1 PM - 1:30 PM CET
Time of Worship and Introduction
1:30 PM - 3 PM CET
The Bible & Homosexuality: Texts, Hermeneutics & Pro-Gay Theology
Many churches and followers of Jesus have capitulated to the false teaching that says one can be gay and a Christian. Guy discusses why this is wrong and unpacks arguments used by pro-gay apologists.
3:30 PM - 5 PM CET
Female Same-Sex Attraction 
& Gender Dysphoria
Join Ellen Radcliff, a wife, mother and licensed professional counsellor as she shares her story of leaving a lesbian life. Ellen will also help us understand the complex topic of gender dysphoria and transgender.
Portrait of a mother with her son teenager. Tenderness_ love_ multinational family
5:30 PM - 7 PM CET
Talking to Our Children About Sexual Ethics
Our children have been exposed to a consistent presentation of homosexuality as healthy and satisfying by the media and their schools. How should parents respond? Learn from parents who have walked this rocky road with great courage and faith.
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM CET
How to Help Same-Sex Attracted Followers of Jesus
Guy will help you understand the unique challenges that same-sex attracted Christians face and give you the tools needed to help them stay faithful to Christ for the long term.
man crying
How to Prepare for the Class Sessions:
Watch the Movie 
The documentary FINDING GUY was nominated for Best Documentary and Best Director at the International Christian Film Festival in Miami.
91 minutes
Read Guy's Book: 
Caring Beyond the Margins.
Note: This is not required reading for students of the European Bible School, but we wanted to make it available for you to read at your convenience.
In this groundbreaking and top-selling work, Guy will help you make sense of the very controversial subject of homosexuality and equip you to love people the way Jesus would without compromising the ethics of scripture.




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