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Nov 18th




”Apocalyptic text”




 What does the word 'apocalyptic' evoke for you? You might think of the end of the world or the last book of the New Testament. You might think that apocalyptic texts in the Bible are best avoided since they are hard to understand. You might wonder what to do with all of the different explanations of apocalyptic texts that are available.


In the online November session of EBS, we will explore the literary genre of apocalyptic texts in the New Testament. The first part, taught by Pierre-Louis Suchel, will focus on understanding the genre and how to interpret it. The second part, taught by Gordon Ferguson, will focus on the Book of Revelation. These classes will increase our appreciation of how these texts might have been understood by the early church and will encourage our faith as we consider what these texts say to us as Christians in the 21st century.




11:00-13:00 "The literary genre of apocalyptic texts" Pierre-Louis Suchel


14:30-18:00 (with 3 breaks ) "The book of Revelation", Gordon Ferguson





"The literary genre of apocalyptic texts" Pierre-Louis Suchel




"The book of revelation I" Gordon Ferguson


"The book of revelation II" Gordon Ferguson


"The book of revelation II" Gordon Ferguson












Prague Nov 2022: "Devoted to fellowship"


Here are the first video files:


1. “Building blocks of fellowship: brokenness & mercy"     pdf

2. “Building blocks of fellowship: holiness & repentence”   pdf

3. “Bear with one another”

4. "Love one another"   pdf

5. "Building blocks of fellowship: conflict resolution and reconciliation I"   pdf

6. "Be humble with one another"   pdf

7. "What is the Lords Supper all about?"  pdf   notes

8. "How can the Lords Supper build fellowship?"   pdf  notes

9. "Building up one another"  pdf

10. "Individualism and fellowship"   pdf

11. "Practical aspects of fellowship"

12. "Church discipline"   pdf

13. "Citizens of the kingdom, not of this world"