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Next EBS (with ESOM)


April 29th to May 1st, 2023

in Pruhonice (near Prague)



"The letter of Paul  to the Galatians"



Have you ever wished for a deeper understanding of a Bible book? Do some Biblical texts seem too far removed from the concerns and conflicts of today’s world? Have you ever been confused by the erudite language of Paul? Do the links between the Old Testament and the New Testament sometime seem mysterious? To what extent can exegesis, hermeneutics and history be useful and interesting?

If you can relate to any of these questions, come to the next EBS session in Prague!

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Andrew Boakye of the University of Manchester to EBS. 

He will draw from his doctoral dissertation and research on Galatians to teach a seven-class series, bringing Paul’s letter alive and taking us back to historical Galatia before bringing us forward to today’s struggles with conflict, life, death, grace, freedom, unity and diversity.




Class 1:  
Galatians: The Crisis and the Letter
Class 2:  Death and Life: Crucifixion and New Life in Galatians 

Class 3:  Unworthy Recipients: Galatians and the Messiah Gift 
Class 4:  
“Today I Set Before You Life”: Galatians and the End of the Exile 
Class 5:  
Freedom and the Spirit: The New Exodus in Galatians

Class 6:  That We May Eat at One Table: Unity and Diversity in Galatians 
Class 7:  Concluding Reflections: Paul - A New Covenant Jew



Cost: 250€/person/full board. (243€ housing & 7€ fee)














Prague Nov 2022: "Devoted to fellowship"


Here are the first video files:


1. “Building blocks of fellowship: brokenness & mercy"     pdf

2. “Building blocks of fellowship: holiness & repentence”   pdf

3. “Bear with one another”

4. "Love one another"   pdf

5. "Building blocks of fellowship: conflict resolution and reconciliation I"   pdf

6. "Be humble with one another"   pdf

7. "What is the Lords Supper all about?"  pdf   notes

8. "How can the Lords Supper build fellowship?"   pdf  notes

9. "Building up one another"  pdf

10. "Individualism and fellowship"   pdf

11. "Practical aspects of fellowship"

12. "Church discipline"   pdf

13. "Citizens of the kingdom, not of this world"