EBS June 8 - 10, 201 together with ESOM and students from other "School of Missions"



 EBS June 8 - 10, 2019



The 2019 EBS session in Prague will be devoted to the topic of public preaching and teaching of the Bible.


Topics will include the importance of the proclamation of the Word, techniques for preparing messages Biblical interpretation, and opening a dialogue about women’s role in public speaking. As a community with convictions about the power of the word of God, we are excited to spend three days together improving our effectiveness in studying and communicating God’s word. The program is quite diverse with sessions designed to inspire, train and equip us to communicate

God’s will more effectively to those around us.


Saturday Morning Session with ESOM


Classes :


1. Preach the Word

Theme: The case for preaching


2. They Spoke So Effectively

Theme: The desire to be more effective


Saturday Afternoon Session


 Practical classes on public speaking:

Four themes from the book Biblical Preaching by Haddon Robinson


Special Session:


Public Ministry: Discussion of our interpretation, church culture and current practice with men’s and women’s roles


Sunday Morning Service with ESOM


Sermon: Speaking about Jesus with Great Fervor


 Sunday Afternoon Session with ESOM


Women’s Program



Teaching and Training Women

Practical workshops


Men’s Program



1.Finding Opportunities for the Teaching and Training of Women

2. Devote Yourself to Public Preaching and Teaching

Practical Workshops


 Monday Morning Session


Practical Bible Interpretation