Topic of 2024

Wrestling with war and politics as Christians

Topic of 2023

Revelation and Apocalyptic scripture

Topic of 2022

Devoted to fellowship

Topic of 2021

Who wants to live forever? - Death and afterlife

Topic of 2020

Strength in Weakness

Topics of 2019

Delivering the message of the Kingdom at every level

Working together

Topics of 2018

servant leadership

The Theology of the Cross & New Testament Survey

Topics of 2017

Healthy and biblical view on sexuality
All Generations - Dreams & Visions - Building churches for the long run in Europe

Topics of 2016

The Spirit of Christian Counseling

The Minor Prophets (Robert Carrillo)

Topics of 2015

The Pastoral Letters 1+2 Timothy & Titus  Part I

The Pastoral Letters 1+2 Timothy & Titus  Part II (Douglas Jacoby)

Topics of 2014

unity & harmony within the local church (Joey Harris)

unity & harmony with christian outside the local congregation (F. LaGard Smith)

Topics of 2013

the commands of Jesus (Fred Faller, Stefan Wolmerans)

counseling and encouragement (John and Karen Louis)

John and Peter (Steve L. Johnson)

Topics of 2012
March: David

June: Training & Discipling

October: Isaiah

Topics of 2011

March: Life of Paul

June: Facing secular Europe

October: Romans

Topics of 2010

April 2010: The Story of the New Testament

June 2010: Church History

November 2010: 2nd Corinthians

Topics of 2009

March 2009: Old Testament Survey
June 2009: Church Building

November 2009: Living the Sermon on the Mount

Topics of 2008

April 2008: Personal Spirituality / Prayer Life

June 2008: The Times of Jesus / The New Testament 

November 2008: Communication / Staying motivated

Topics of 2007 (If you know someone, who has the lessons from 2006 and 2007, please send us a hint to

Topics of 2006

19. - 22. Oktober 2006 in Praz de Lys

Topic: "Be still and know that I am God"

Speakers: Fred Faller, David McAnulty and Mirko Russo.

4. - 7. Mai 2006 in Budapest

Topic: "Church Governance - Leadership in God's Church"

Speakers: Andy and Tammy Fleming and David McAnulty

additionally: "The Women's Role in Leadership"

Topics of 2005

Preaching and Teaching / Pastoral Counseling / Gospel of Matthew

Maturing Christian Marriages / Parenting