October 2015

The Pastoral Letters 1+2 Timothy & Titus  Part II (Douglas Jacoby)

Here are the audio-, video- and other files: folder (please click on the files - then there is a download button (maybe on top in the middle or on the lower right corner))


(Missing numbers were recordings of songs.)

Schedule (01.-03. Oct 2015):



9:00h -12:00h Teaching

14:30h-17:00h Teaching & Panel Discussion "What about the Women's role" with Douglas & Vicky Jacoby



09:00h-12:00h Teaching

14:30h-15:45h Sharing & Panel Discussion: Paris experience of raising Elders

16:00h -17:30h    Sharing &  Panel Discussion: Partnership in leadership between full time staff and non full time leaders/ raising up  full time people in Europe: Geneva & Munich experience



10:00h-12:00h  Worship & Message (Mose)