September 2017

All Generations - Dreams & Visions - Building churches for the long run in Europe






Here are the audio-, video- and other files: folder (please click on the files - then there is a download button (maybe on top in the middle or on the lower right corner))


(Missing numbers were recordings of songs.)


Presentations (pdf)

01 welcome

02 The church for all generations vs tradition (Pierre-Louis Suchel -Lyon)

03 History of evangelism (Brad King -Paris)

04 Building the identity of the church (Thierry Fender -Geneva)

05 The Joy of taking responsibility and ownership (Micha & Dani Brück -Munich)

06 Family ministry (John & Carol McGuirk -Paris )

07 Embrace the differences (Annett & Sebastian Buck -Berlin)

08a Young missionaries with dreams & visions (Frank McDonnell -Prague)

08b Young missionaries with dreams & visions (William Lambert -Madrid)

09a Youth & family ministry (Markus Drehsel -Munich)

09b Youth & family ministry (Can Topuz -Berlin)

10a,b Students (Colin Urbani -Berlin, different Students -Lyon)

11 Singles (Lisa King -Paris)

12 Sharing

13 God's love for all generations (Micha -Munich)

14 Communion (Yannick -Paris)

15 next EBS announcements