The EBS is designed for those who carry various responsibilities (or aspire to do so) in the fellowship of the International Churches of Christ.


*** No residents from Africa or India can be accepted in the European Bible School ***


 Changes since 2017: 

  • Tuition will be paid for each session (No one-year payment and no flatrates anymore)


  • You are only registered after payment. Payment for the Session in Berlin has to be done until Oktober 1st . 




- pay in CHF (please wire to the CHF-Account)

- pay in EUR (please wire to the EUR-Account)



Western European participants :

 Thurs to Sun 3 nights at hotel incl. breakfast: 120€ per person  / single occupation 68,10€

Wed to Thurs (ESOM) 48,60€ per room incl. breakfast / single occupation 87,90€



Tuition  : 50€ / 57CHF (0€ for Students )



Eastern European participants :


Tuition : 20€ (0€ for Students)








All material from all sessions will be available to the worldwide public from our website.



For payment information please go here